Back-to-school Safety Travel Trips for You and Your Family!



With most of the children in our area heading back to school within the next few weeks, this is no doubt a busy time of the year for most parents. And as parents are configuring their children’s new school schedules, they are most likely planning out to and from travel routes to school as well. So as we gear up to hit the car pool lane and bus stops, here are a few tips that everyone can use who will be traveling during the school year.

Plan your route ahead of time

Now that open house is completed and classes are selected, it is now time to find the best routes or forms of travel to utilize in order to get your children to school back and forth safe and soundly. Based on how your family’s preference and dynamics are set up may determine the best medium of transportation for you and your children. This may include, walking if your child's school is within a close walking distances, riding the bus, biking and or carpooling to school. No matter which option is chosen, make sure it is the most direct and expedient option out of them in order for it to be effective.

Test your route before hand                                                                           

Ideally, the route chosen to get your children to and fro from school should be a convenient one. A good way to ensure that your route or plan is sound is to test it out beforehand. Now, we know times of the day will also play a part in how relatively smooth or bumpy your route plans are, so make sure you take into account traffic that may arise if the area you are traveling in normally sees traffic. If your child is walking to school, make sure to walk the route with your child beforehand. Make sure to stress with your children no stopping at parks, or vacant lots to avoid etc. Also make sure to locate the most undeviating route. This route should include the fewest street crossings and if avoidable, the least intersections without crossing guards. If your child is riding the bus make sure to time out the travel time it takes to get your child to the bus and map out how early before the bus comes, that you all need to wake up as a family in order to make it on time. Lastly if carpooling make sure to map out how long the ride is from your home to destination and add an extra 15-20 minutes to your travel time to account for traffic and congested carpool lanes.

Make sure to educate your children on travel safety

As parents we can only do so much to protect our children without children playing a pivotal role in how safe they ultimately will be. One way to make sure your child stay safe during travel this new school year is to educate them and make sure they are prepared for anything that may come their way. If your child bikes to school make sure they wear a helmet. Also if your child is riding a bike or scooter, make sure they have the proper safety gear on, not just limited to a helmet. But also including wearing sturdy shoes, knee and elbow pads. Also educated your child on arriving at the bus stop early and absolutely NO playing in the street. No matter what your child’s age is it is still imperative for them to know not to talk to strangers of any kind. As well as always educate your children to follow the plans. Make sure that they understand that there is no changing the after and before school travel plans unless otherwise discussed. Lastly, make sure your child knows your phone number and home address. Always practice with your children, especially if you have recently moved or changed your phone number, to ensure they know the right contact information. This information is critical and can make or break keeping your child safe during certain situations.


We are wishing all of our clients and their families a very safe back to school season. For those of us parents who looking for an upgrade or even preparing their new drivers for new school season adventures, make sure to check out our latest new Dodge inventory here.

Safe travels!


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